"It was do or die time for Howie. Time to find out if he could be any kind of horse, or if he just wasn't built correctly. I knew Nicole would be able to tell me, honestly, and in a reasonable amount of time, just what kind of horse I had.The flashes of brilliance that I had seen from time to time as he grew up, I now see every week. "
-Cynthia & Howie


The Kids and Their Ponies

  • abby_and_monopoly
  • abigail_and_ricky
  • alexa_and_monopoly
  • ally_and_rocky
  • anneli_and_bailey
  • claire_and_monopoly
  • denali
  • elaine_and_hannah
  • emma_and_????
  • kaitlyn_and_rose
  • katie_and_yogi
  • kyle_and_apple
  • lena_and_monopoly
  • lori_and_thunder
  • lori_and_thunder2
  • maddy_and_harry
  • nicole_and_rose
  • quinn_and_monopoly
abby_and_monopoly1 abigail_and_ricky2 alexa_and_monopoly3 ally_and_rocky4 anneli_and_bailey5 claire_and_monopoly6 denali7 elaine_and_hannah8 emma_and_????9 kaitlyn_and_rose10 katie_and_yogi11 kyle_and_apple12 lena_and_monopoly13 lori_and_thunder14 lori_and_thunder215 maddy_and_harry16 nicole_and_rose17 quinn_and_monopoly18

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